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2020 Lacrosse Registration will close March 1st!

Registration for girls lacrosse ages 3rd-8th grade and boys lacrosse ages 1st-8th grade is now open!

$90 deposit to register with payment plans available.

Welcome to Hastings Lacrosse!

Lacrosse will begin for our 8U team in mid May with games beginning mid June.  The season will run for about 8 weeks, ending around the middle of July.

Lacrosse will begin on March 30, 2020 for 10U, 12U, and 14U boys and girls.  This year we will be playing in scrimmages during May with the season beginning in early June.  The season will kick off with our first tournament, The Viking Goat, May 30th and 31st in Farmington.

We will also be playing in the Woodbury Black and Blue tournament that is held the July 10-12.


Spring Board Elections

Please see the document below for more information on board positions available.   Elections will be held in April or May.

Hastings High School Field Map

Please follow this link on details on which field your players will be on.

Download the SportsEngine App

You are encouraged to download the SportsEngine App. You can also have your player download this app. This app mirrors our team calendar and allows you to receive notifications on your phone of any changes made to the schedule as well as receive all messages that are sent out. You can also easily send out a team message and there is a chat feature as well.

Summer Lacrosse Season Age Bracket - 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U for Boys and Girls for 2020

Birthdate Level Grades Game Style Season Length Cost $ Payment Plan
Born 6/1/2005 - 8/31/2007 14U 7th-8th Full Field March 30-Aug 2 $390 3 months
Born 9/1/2007 - 8/31/2009 12U BOYS 5th-6th Full Field March 30-Aug 2 $390 3 months
Born 9/1/2007 - 8/31/2009 12U GIRLS 5th-6th Full Field May 1-Aug 2 $250 3 months
Born 9/1/2009 - 8/31/2011 10U 3rd-4th Cross Field 7 on 7 March 30-Aug 2 $390 3 months
Born 9/1/2011 - 8/31/2013 8U 1st-2nd Cross Field 5 on 5 May 18-July 20 $150 2 months

*6/1 cut-off date applies to 8th graders only. All other grades have a 9/1 cut-off.

Lacrosse Practice Begins!

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